All Aboard!

Here we go - be back in a week!


Airport #2

So thankful we didn't run into any complications this morning getting our tickets and bags checked. We weren't sure how it was going to work since we fly to Tokyo on American Airlines and from Tokyo to Korea on United. When we called a few days ago they basically told us that it was our problem and so the thought of baggage claim and customs twice didn't really give us the warm and fuzzy. Fortunately, the lady at checkout got us the hook-up and our bags will make the connection without our intervention.

We ate some breakfast in the terminal and have been enjoying stretching out while we can before our 15 hour flight - woo hoo.


An Evening In The Windy City

What trip to Chicago would be complete with out genuine Deep Dish Pizza?  Once we got checked into the hotel we hopped on the L and rode into downtown Chicago for some good eats.  Other than waiting an hour for our checked baggage at bagage claim ... not going to go there, we have had GREAT timing on this trip.  Walked out of the terminal and right on to our hotel shuttle and then we arived at Gino's East at just the right time and didn't have to wait.

I know this picture is just mean - but I couldn't resist.  We tried this Chicago style sausage that was honestly a little wierd but it was a good pie.

I love any chance to "play" at an Apple store and free-standing apple stores are the best!  Walked in and played with the newest iPad... at least it is the newest for a few more days.  

After dinner and a little apple store action we walked the streets and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the windy city.  We wanted to hit this place up but they closed before we got there so no awesomeness for us.

Tomorrow (actually later today by the time I write this) we leave for Tokyo and then on to South Korea.  I am so excited to meet my Son!  Again, thank you for your continued prayers and support as we journey half way across the globe to bring our little boy home!


Touchdown Chicago

We just set down in Chicago - I feel some Chicago Pizza calling my name after we check into the Hotel. The flight went well - would love it if the flight tomorrow were as short. Here we go!


Airport #1

We have passed our first security checkpoint of the trip and are waiting for our flight to Chicago. Super excited to get this journey on the way. Please continue to pray for safe travels - we are already very anxious to get on our way. Micah here we come!


say yes to the dress...


It should be 100% mandatory for every bridal suite to have a fantastic place to hang the bridal gown. This summer I photographed a wedding at Glassworks in Louisville.  The wedding itself took place on the roof of the building but the bridal suite is a studio apartment that has an amazing view of downtown Louisville.  As soon as I walked in I knew the images would be amazing.  The light in the room was simply fantastic.  Soft and radiant - a photographer couldn't ask for more.  Most of the time I use the back of my camera as a simple reference.  I make sure I'm framed up properly and I haven't unintentionally blown any highlights.  Every now and then an image grabs me.  I snap the photo check the back of the camera and find myself being blown away on site.  Looking at an image like this is so rewarding.  I know it is part of the collage up top; however, I want to show it to you HUGE.

As I started working with the bride I was very pleased with the grand canvas that was unfolding on the back of the camera.  Images like this get me excited to go out and shoot.  Photos like these remind me of why I love to take pictures.


you can't choose your neighbors

In the spirit of Haloween I thought I would share an image that is both scary and awesome.  Recently I met with a groom to deliver his final set of images and this guy came up.  Turns out this guy is the Groom's neighbor.  When he invited him he told him he would be doing two things:  Getting Drunk and Dancing.  As this photo documents - I believe he achieved both.  The bride and groom are my favorite part of the image.  The expressions are GREAT.  Neither one of them can look directly at him as he gets his groove on.  This is a little different from the posts I normally share.  I just can't stop laughing at this guy.  Anyways, now I have shared him with the world.  As wedding season has slowed down a bit for me I hope to blog a bit more.  I will probably bring back some of the tutorials and reviews.  I still get crazy traffic on my old videos so I think that will be a good winter project for me.



rim light & location

Something I always like to focus on when photographing a client is a rim-light shot.  I love the effect and it has a timeless look to it.  There are different ways to do the effect - the exact application is determined by the environment and physical limitations.  In this shot the light is about 2 feet away from the couple.  The flash head is turned so it is facing them vertically instead of horizontally.  The light is set to 1/2 power and is triggered by a Quantum free X-wire wireless system.

I could do an entire post on the location - but I just want to make an aside here.  This location is right next to the Louisville Slugger museum.  When establishing your vision for an image you can make or break an image based on what you include and what you exclude.  It would ruin the tone of the image if you saw a HUGE bat on the left side of the frame.  Just remember to always be precise with what you allow in an image.  The key is to pay attention and train your eye.  When I sit down to edit a wedding I ALWAYS see things I have to fix in photos.  When I am fixing it I start thinking about how I could have taken the photo differently to get it right IN camera.  Just a few thoughts for you on a Friday.