Things that don't need translation EVER


The Market

the market from Rick Mead on Vimeo.

We started out our day by going to this HUGE market in downtown Seoul.  As you can see it is packed!  People selling cloths, collectables, souvenirs, "food" (yes food is in quotations intentionally), electronics - you name it and they had it and if you can't name it they have it.

We started looking for gifts for Micah so we can give him Korean things as he gets older and we were able to find a few things that we thought were kinda cool.  We started looking for a food court of sorts and saw a sign that literally said food court floor 8.  So we got on the escalator and rode it up to the 8th floor.  It was a food court all right made up of all kinds of food.  Think Chinese restaurant in the mall + Russian mafia and that pretty much defines the space.  We came off the escalator and about every eye was on us as we walked around a room with ZERO engish signage to be seen.  Suffice it to say - we found somewhere else to eat.  Randomly enough we found an Outback Steakhouse so we had to check it out.  It wasn't bad - but it definitely isn't the same as what we have in the US.  

The entire market is lined with trinkets, hair bows, wallets, chocolate, etc. on tables like this - very swap-meet / flea-market style.

Ashley and Brittany started looking for gifts for people and actually found some good stuff.  We really felt swallowed up in this place but it was a fun afternoon.  

We ran across several of these stands.  You would basically pick what you wanted cooked and then they would cook it for you.  There were little seats to the right where you would sit down and "enjoy" your "meal" but we were not feeling that adventurous.

Right before we got on the subway back to our place Brittany finally stepped out on a limb and ate some street vendor food.  She found some pineapple on a stick.  It was actually very tasty.  Ashley and I tried this stuff that looked like Crab Ragoon on a stick ... it was not awesome.


Birthday Pics of Micah

When Micah turned 1 a few months back the adopton agency had some nice pictures taken of him.  I took some photos of the pictures so we could show them off.  We are headed out of the day to sight-see.  If there aren't any more blog posts it is because we got lost and never made it back.  Later.


Earthquake in Japan


Japanese airport employee standing by our plane as we waited to board

By now most of you have probably heard there was an Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan earlier today.  We have had several people message us making sure we are safe.  All of this happened while we were in bed and we didn’t know anything had happened until we got up this morning (it is currently 7:00 am Saturday morning for us).  Ashley, Brittany and I were in Tokyo Japan just over 24 hours ago so this feels very close to home for us.  I have been thinking about how our timing of our trip was truly in God’s hands.  If we had taken a different flight we could have been in Tokyo while this was happening.  I have found myself thinking about the airport employees we met and interacted with.  They were the kindest people we have met on the trip.  We don’t really know much more than you about what is going on in Japan.  Right now we are praying for those whose lives have been unexpectedly turned upside down.  Our connecting flight to go home on Wednesday is supposed to through Tokyo Japan and I pray that they are able to re-open the airport quickly.  Not only for our connecting flight but so relief supplies and help can come into the country.

Last night I went to sleep thinking about a lot of things little things – but this morning we are all thinking and praying for the people of Japan.  Please join us in our prayers.  Know that we are safe and our son Micah is safe.  We don’t get to see him again until Monday morning but we are so happy to be near him while this is going on.  You can follow our updates and what is going on at – thank you so much for your prayers and support.



Driving In Seoul, South Korea

driving Seoul from Rick Mead on Vimeo.

Several of you have asked to see footage of the city.  We haven't had much of a chance to be out and about but I did shoot some video on our drive to meet Micah so I edited it together and tossed it up here for you.  I will have more in the next day or so as we become one with the tourist inside.  Enjoy!

Meeting Micah

Meeting Micah from Rick Mead on Vimeo.

Today we got to meet our son.  We have known him from pictures and video and he has known us as a 4/6 picture.  He clearly knew who we were - though he was still very shy and unsure.  I don't think he knew what to do with Brittany but I guess he isn't alone there. J/K  We got to play with him a little bit but shortly after we got there it was his nap time so we let him snooze and headed back to the Guest House.

After getting back we realized it was getting late into the afternoon and we hadn't had much but a muffin from Starbucks that morning.  Feeling the grip of hunger we ventured out onto the Korean streets to find food.  Where did we stop?  Where else... Burger King!  It is difficult to explain how out of place you feel when you can't read any of the signs or understand conversation around you.  It was nice to have a burger and fries.  

The Korean people do a lot of things differently than most; however, based on this soda machine you can see they do have their priorities set properly where it counts.

Brittany has hit the sack for the evening and I don't think Ashley and I are far behind.  We will be up tomorrow and anyone who would like to Skype is welcome to give us a ring.  My skype handle is rickmead


Guesthouse walkthrough

Here is a quick walkthrough of where we are staying in South Korea.  It is modest and simple but everything we need.  We are heading to go meet Micah for the first time.  Please continue praying - super anxious.

Touchdown South Korea

HOLY COW THAT WAS A LONG FLIGHT!  You know that song Lambchop sings ... the song that never ends... well I think we could have successfully brought that to conclusion faster than getting to the other side of the planet.  I am going to try to tell this story with pictures as much as I can because I prob. won't have a ton of time to type.

As I am sitting here it is 11:12 PM March 10 and Louisville time it is 9:11 AM... I know what you are thinking.  I am writing to you from the future.  You don't have to worry ... I won't tell you what is going to happen before it happens - I know you like to be surprised.  

The flight was long but realy uneventful.  We had no issues with our connecting flight, all our baggage made and for some reason they actually let us into the country!  Then we began the interesting part of the journey... the cab ride to the guest house.  I seriously think this was the nicest cab I have ever been in.  His GPS was HUGE!  One would think the greatness in size of the GPS would insure he would know where he was going... one would be wrong on that assumption.  Anyways - we bounced around the back seat and jammed out to Korean music videos that make Justin Beber look like an amerture... though I guess that isn't saying much.  After about 16 phone calls, thirty wrong turns and about an hour and a half in the cab we arived at our destination.  I would try to tell you how expensive the ride was ... but I honestly have no clue.  Still trying to figure out this money thing over here.

Well, it is late and I have been awake for about two days now so I think I will go pass out.  Keep praying for us.  We meet our son tomorrow we are so pumped.  Keep watching the blog I will update more regularly now that we have two feet on the ground.  Night.